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Automatic likes,

views, and followers.

All in one place.

All members receive dedicated account support from our 100% US-based team of social media experts.

How it works

Your Profile Will Receive Real

Likes & Views

Once your post goes live, our automatic post detection sends a notification to our in-house network of real people. When each person in our network sees your new post, they count as a like or view.

  • Your likes will not disappear 
  • We do it with our in-house network of real people
  • Automatic Post Detection

Works with Instagrams Discovery Algorithm

We optimize Instagram’s algorithm to get your posts featured on the Explore page to reach thousands more.

  • Get featured on the Explore page
  • Receive higher placement in news feeds
  • Drip your likes over 24-hours 

Premium support for everyone

Our 100% United States based team takes pride in helping businesses and influencers achieve their Instagram goals. When you become a member, your

in-office contact is only a text message or email away. 

  • 100% US-Based
  • Email Support
  • SMS Text Message Support

Trusted by businesses and influencers.

"I would like to personally thank you for helping our profile gain traction. After using Select Influencer, our online business has grown specifically from Instagram. It's really wonderful."

- Natasha J.

Massage Elements | Cape Coral, FL

"Select Influencer did exactly what it said it does. After using Select Influencer my likes skyrocketed! Not able to tell you how happy I am with this."

- Edi P.

Influencer | Toms River, NJ

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