• Chris Moricci

Automatic Viral has shut down.

If you are like the thousands of other users who are saddened by the news that Automatic Viral has closed up shop for good - then keep reading!

What was Automatic Viral?

Automatic Viral was famous for their automatic likes feature which allowed users to set it and forget it regarding their posts on Instagram. When a user posts, AV’s automatic post detection would start sending real likes almost instantly.

From the Automatic Viral website:

“Why buy likes for each new post? With Automatic Viral’s post detection, we send likes to new posts almost instantly!”

Likes Matter

Social media experts mention that likes and follows are valuable currency. (Sprout Social) because these metrics may help boost your post in the eyes of the algorithm.

Thanks to post-detection technology, the algorithm will notice each post receiving a consistent amount of likes. When this happens, the algorithm becomes optimized for your profile. This is how you receive higher placement in newsfeeds and featured on the in-app Explore page. This is also when you can reach thousands more people who are interested in your content.

Select Influencer as an Alternative

Select Influencer’s post-detecting technology provides users with automatic likes ("Auto Likes") that are processed in a steady drip within 24-hours of the post going live. This, combined with a friendly customer service and support team, makes your profile’s growth a pleasurable experience. Plans range from $20 to $169.99 and pricing for agencies (bulk accounts) are also available, including a dedicated Account Manager.

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