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How a Good Instagram Bio Can Increase Your Followers

Posting engaging content will increase your posts’ likes and views, and follower count. Having a good Instagram bio will help convert your profile visitors into followers (and sales).

Although Instagram is driven by creativity, all social media is essentially a numbers game. Successful influencers use a set of tools and parameters within the platform to maximize their success.

The most commonly utilized tools and tactics are posting content, creating captions, finding and using hashtags, partnerships with other accounts, account name, direct messages, and Instagram stories. A commonly underused tool is the Instagram bio - here’s how to properly utilize your bio to increase conversion rates.

I can see why people are neglectful. It’s just a small section of text and it seems like it pales in comparison to the rest of your feed. Keep reading to find out what you can do to make your Instagram bio an effective tactic for converting one-time viewers into followers.

Write A Good Instagram Bio To Grab Your Niche of Followers

When a potential follower clicks on your profile, you want them to be drawn in by something. Before scrolling to your content, the first thing they see is your bio. This may seem like a small piece in the grand scheme of things, but when you are building a brand or business, it’s important to make each and every aspect as high quality as you can.

Once someone has already followed you, your content will appear in their feed. But before someone follows you, a good Instagram bio is very important for piquing their interest.

Use the 3-second rule Consumers are out to be entertained or fascinated in some way, and the three second rule states that you have literally 3-seconds to make that happen. In that time (or less) you need to entertain or fascinate them enough that it grabs their attention before they lose interest and move on.

Don’t be vague Writing a good Instagram bio is one of those areas where you want to target specific demographics. The more vague it is, the less effective it will be.

For example, “Just another traveler on the road” isn’t going to get users excited to follow your page.

“Come say hi!” might seem cool and relaxed, but it will only interest a small number of people.

A bio with a strongly expressed opinion, a statement of intent, or a vivid description, will correspond much more with potential followers.

Having a good Instagram bio will help you to attract followers who are truly connected to your niche and really want to engage with your content. Rather than followers who are using the follow/unfollow method.

Write Well and Clearly

Writing well isn’t as simple as spelling things correctly. You need to paint a picture and build hype that makes people want to follow you or move on to your content.

A good format to make reading easy is to use bullet-points. A bullet expresses a clear benefit to the reader. They get to the point and act as mini-headlines. Since Instagram bios are only plain text, you can use emojis to provide a rich text feel.

It’s a challenging field where clarity and dialect are crucial, but there’s a huge amount of flexibility. Getting the writing right can be a real challenge, one that’s worth getting some help on.

To achieve that, here are some tools you can turn to:

Upwork - Global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

Dribbble - (great for inspiration) Dribbble is where designers get inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs and is your best resource to discover and connect with designers worldwide.

ViaWriting and SimpleGrad – Copywriting guides for increasing your accuracy.

MyWritingWay and WritingPopulist – For the generation of keywords, hashtags, action words, and more.

PaperFellows and OxEssays – Formatting tools for mastering the Insta layout.

Use Links Effectively

A good Instagram bio is a two-way portal. It can be a conversion portal for followers (and one-time viewers) to continue their journey into your website.

“The phrase ‘Link in bio’ is now a staple expression on Instagram. A good Instagram bio will lead visitors to whatever’s behind the account, turning Instagram into a great marketing opportunity for individuals and companies of all different shapes and sizes”, advises Mark Cherry, marketing writer at EliteAssignmentHelp and Academized.

Pro Tip: Use Bitly or Rebrandly to simplify the URL so it looks neat and tidy, and LinkTree or MyURL if you have multiple links like a website, a blog, etc.

Hit Those Keywords

Keywords on social media affect decision making just as much as through any other marketing copy. It’s important that you use them cohesively to attract attention and draw in specific followers. Front load trigger words that are relevant to your specific niche in order to hype your qualified viewers.

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that social media users can be a bit skeptical of business accounts.

This means that if it seems like you are hitting the keywords too aggressively, and you start sounding like a bot, it might turn people off. Use them, don’t abuse them. Be sure to spin your language so it reflects your personality.

Pro Tip: Use trigger words to evoke emotion in the reader, but don’t over do it!

Include a Unique Hashtag

Instagram’s hashtag system is intuitive and effective. Using it is easy, convenient, and can have great results if used correctly.

People use hashtags all the time, so they’re a very popular and well understood tool for finding a community on Instagram. However, people normally don’t use them in their bios, which is a missed opportunity. If you tend to use a certain hashtag often, consider placing it in your bio; this will clearly show visitors which community you belong to.

Pro Tip: Find good hashtags by searching for them while you write your caption, and choosing the one with the most posts (Look for hashtags with 75k posts and higher)

Be Human

Social media is frequently dominated by bots and fake accounts. Use your bio to show people that that’s not you. Use emojis and speak in a casual, personable tone, to persuade people who are considering following that it’s worth their time.

Conclusion – Writing A Good Instagram Bio

Mastering Instagram means that you use all the tools available to you to the best of your ability. A good Instagram bio will help turn visitors into followers!

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